We have been carrying out lots of projects in various business fields based on highly
differentiated technology and accumulated experience. Also our successful
performance in those fields, we are creating customer value and mutual trust.

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Pharmaceutical & Bio-Tech Business

We provide the best solution for KGMP, CGMP, GLP, etc.
according to domestic and international standards.

Hygienic Piping

We provide Hygienic Piping, a core process system for the development and production of new drugs
such as Bio and Pharmaceuticals.

  • Bio Reactor System
  • Bio Kill System
  • Cleaning in Place System(CIP)
  • Sterilization in Place System(SIP)
Pharmaceutical & Bio Equipment

We meet the approval standards such as KGMP, JGMP, GLP, etc. of pharmaceutical companies and provide perfect construction

  • Purify Water System
  • Water for Injection
  • N2 System
  • CDA system
CIP System : Hygienic Piping Construction
Nitrogen Piping System : Hygienic Piping Construction
SIP System : Hygienic Piping Construction
General Utility System : Centrifugal Separator System
Hygienic Hook-up : Equipment Hook-up
Cleaning & Passivation : Hygienic Piping Construction