We have been carrying out lots of projects in various business fields based on highly
differentiated technology and accumulated experience. Also our successful
performance in those fields, we are creating customer value and mutual trust.

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Plant Business

Our mid- to long-term business plan is to increase the construction capacity of machinery, piping,
and steel structures in refineries, chemical plants, and power plant businesses both domestic and overseas.

Power plant

We are reborn as a company with the best competitiveness based on accumulated technology such as thermal power plant,
nuclear power plant, collective energy facility and cogeneration power plant.

  • Boiler installation
  • Turbine installation
  • Piping installation
  • HVAC construction
Chemical plant

We are building competitiveness in the construction of domestic refinery / petrochemical plants such as Oil & Gas,
Chemical, and Fine Chemicals, and are building our ability to perform projects successfully.

  • Steel Frame Work
  • Machine Installation
  • Piping Work
VESSEL Installation Work
Pipe Rack Installation Work
Tank Installation Work
Pipe Rack Installation and Piping Construction