We have been carrying out lots of projects in various business fields based on highly
differentiated technology and accumulated experience. Also our successful
performance in those fields, we are creating customer value and mutual trust.

HOME BUSINESS Mechanical Equipment Business

Mechanical Equipment Business

Building equipment, fire fighting equipment, HVAC and other general equipments business have been established and developed steadily
with all our business and our foundation, And we will be able to satisfy the requirements of construction companies and our clients.


We specialize in installation of air conditioning equipments (SA, RA, EA) and equipments such as various factories and
business facilities, and air piping (cold water, cooling water, cold-hot water).

※ HVAC : Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

Fire fighting equipment

We specialize in special construction of fire-fighting equipments such as sprinkler facilities, indoor fire hydrant facilities,
fire extinguishing gas facilities, evacuation facilities etc. in general construction and factory.

Building Equipment(Housing)

We design and construct all kinds of building equipments such as air conditioning,
sanitation and ventilation of general buildings such as sales facilities, offices, R&D centers and hotels.

Air Handing Unit, Cooling Tower, Chiller, Pump, Pipe & Duct

Refrigerating Machine and PW Piping Construction
Refrigerating Machine and Air Conditioning Piping Construction
SMC Tank and Fire Fighting Piping Construction
Air Conditioning Piping and Air Duct Construction
Outdoor Cooling Tower Facilities Construction
Air Conditioner Piping Construction
Machinery Room Mechanical Facility Construction
Machinery Room HVAC Air Conditioning Piping Construction
Roof Exhaust Fan Installation and Duct Construction