We have been carrying out lots of projects in various business fields based on highly
differentiated technology and accumulated experience. Also our successful
performance in those fields, we are creating customer value and mutual trust.

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High-Tech. Business

Our High-Tech. Business provides variety device technology required in Semiconductor, OLED, rechargeable battery
and telecommunication industry and carries out design and construction of UHP(Ultra High Purity) Piping, Utility, Equipment Hook-Up, Clean Room.

UHP Piping & system

We provide design and construction of Ultra High Purity Piping that is essential for semiconductor,
OLED display and electronic device industry, and setup for related equipment is also provided.

Process Gas, Specialty Gas(Flam, Corr, Toxic, Inert), Chemical(Acid, Alkal, Solvent)

Utility & Hook-Up

We design and construct various Utilities and equipments Hook-Up work such as general gas, cooling water,
ultra pure water, heat source which is required in semiconductor, OLED display, rechargeable battery industry.

Air, Bulk Gas, PCW, UPW, Steam, Vacuum, 급/배기 Duct

Clean Room & HVAC

We provide a total solution such as trial operation design, construction
and maintenance of Clean Room & HVAC System that does not allow contamination of ultra fine particles.

Clean Equipment, Temp. & Humidity Constant Control, Particle Control & T.A.B

Toxic Gas Piping Construction
Toxic Gas Supply Equipment 1st Piping Construction
Chemical C-PVC & PFA Piping Construction
Chemical Feeder Primary Piping Construction
Chemical Plant Piping Construction
Vacuum Line Hook-up Piping Construction
AHU Installation and Air Conditioning Piping Construction
DIW & Utility Piping Construction
FSF Utility Piping BIM
CSF Utility Hook-up Piping Construction
Utility Piping Construction
Utility(DCC) Piping Construction
Chemical Line Primary Piping Construction
Specialty Gas Hook-up Piping Construction
SPECIALTY GAS Filling facility Piping Construction